The BARN is a haven for animals in need of rescue and adoption. We promote animal welfare within Northern Ireland, we rescue & re-home; we tend and we care for our animals in our care at our rescue based in Carrowdore, County Down. We look after rescued cats and dogs and also have dogs with permanent residency who found their furever home here at the BARN.

The BARN operates a ‘no kill’ policy and we will not put to sleep a healthy animal. We have a number of new expansions in the pipeline regarding the BARN complex with a view to progressing the number of rescues we can accommodate.

If you are interested in adopting, head over to our Facebook page to book an appointment! 
We are also grateful for those offering to foster, to volunteer, for donations and promoting our charity!
If you care about animal welfare we’re here to help, guide and assist. Thank you

July 2020 - Its been a busy week here at The Barn. Its all hands on deck for the Barn volunteers and their families.  For the last few days we have been down the back fields clearing it all to make way for an exercise area for our residents.  We are so grateful to have such a hardworking, dedicated team.  If you would like to donate to help us help our residents then and easy way is through Paypal.  Here is our Paypal address :  


Meet Lexi, one of our China dogs that came to the BARN October 2019. The first picture shows poor Lexi in horrendous conditions. However, she waslooked after with the Barn and China Dog Rescue and is looking far better and happier!  Lexi has no been re-homed and is loving life in Northern Ireland   

 25 April 2020                  


The Barn Rescue and China Dog Rescue have partnered up to travel to China on the 8th of October! Bringing back multiple dogs, 5 that are going to be staying at the Barn until re-homed. Visa's all sorted and   ready to go! We will keep you posted. Visit our Facebook page for more!


The Barn's old handsome chap Danny went off to his foster home a few weeks ago and he has definitely settled in well and enjoying every minute of it. Danny was our oldest member at the barn aged 13! This is a beautiful photo of Danny and his brother Pigs relaxing after a well deserved walk. 


Our elegant Raffles went to his furever home and appears to have settled in straight away! Before adoption Raffles 'mum to be' walked him regularly and bonded. Their bond grew and his new mum decided to adopt! We couldn't be happier for them. Another dog re-homed by The Barn with many more to come!


A charity to help rescue cruelly treated or abandoned animals; re-homing to their forever families to experience love and care.  NIC registration 106152 As we have rescued residents who have experienced past trauma, we ask that you please contact us via PM or phone to book an appointment to view animals available for adoption.  Here at the BARN, the animals come first. We have adopted dogs who live with us, in special cases; they cannot be re-homed. This is their furever home.  So please let us know if you're thinking of dropping by, we look forward to your visit!


Barn Rescue Phone Number - 02891863300

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