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Meet handsome Harry! Harry is a 1 year old terrier cross with all his vaccantions up to date as well as being neutered. Our Harry is a mischeif maker as digging holes and running off are his favourite things to do! Despite his naughty behaviour he is only young and could still be succsesfully trained out of these bad habits with the correct owner. Harry is friendly with people but fears other dogs which means we won't be re-homing Harry into a household with other animals, Ideally with no young children either. 


Max came into the Barn's care several months ago. He is currently 6 years old, neutered and fully vaccinated. Max is a timid lad but will come round after you spend time with him and get to understand his needs. He's shy and all he needs is a comfy sofa to lay on and a furever owner to love and take care of him as he will care for you. Collies need plenty of exercise and stimulation however, his new owners will need to take things slow as his safe place is his kennel and there may need to be some encouraging to do. A gentle and patience owner is ideal for our Max. If you are interested in spending time with Max please contact our Facebook Page. 


Molly came into the Barn with her three fully grown pups, who have now all found their furever homes. She is now spayed with all vacations up to date and is ready to be re-homed to her furever family! Molly is very friendly with people and will play fetch for hours on end with you. However, she is not so playful with other dogs. Which is why we recommend a household with no other pets or no young children. Molly is certainly energetic and so will need daily exercise as standard. At a year and a half old she is still a puppy herself and is fully trainable. Interested in meeting our Molly? Contact our Facebook page if so!


Our handsome Rocky is a possible staffie husky cross. He is neutered, fully vaccinated and round about 4 years old with an attitude for exercise! Rocky is friendly with people but choosy about other dogs, which is why we will not be re-homing him into a household with other animals or young children. Rocky is an energetic boy and would need an active owner to take him on those well deserved long walks! If you would like to meet Rocky please contact our Facebook page linked below! Thank you.


Meet Shadow! A stunning 4 year old husky.  Shadow loves nothing more than being the centre of attention, as well as giving out kisses to everyone he meets! He loves a good run about and could use a canine companion of his own in his new home. All depending on the indurdutions we'd love for him to be re-homed with another dog. Although, We don't recommend a household with young children as he is a excitable dog. If you are interested in meeting Shadow please contact the Facebook page to book an appointment. 


Meet Jason a 3 year old Jack Russell cross. Jason can be re-homed with another dog depending on the introductions as well as being re-homed with children over the age of 10 as he is a highly energetic dog. His new owners must be able to keep up with him, daily walks and play are a must. If you would like to meet Jason please contact the Facebook page as always. 


Meet water loving Tizer! Tizer is a lively 10 year old collie, who has been at the Barn for a couple weeks now but has been under assement for his reported dog aggression. However, we don't recommend a home with other pets Tizer is the most loving boy with everyone he meets! He loves nothing more than chasing the hose or splashing about in the water. A good run and a game of fetch is also very much enjoyed. Despte his age Tizer is clearly an energentic pup inside. Could you offer Tizer a loving furever home? 


Meet Princess! A stunning 2 year old girl. Princess will need a home with no other pets and no young children as she is very energetic and bouncy. She will need a dedicated owner to teach her the skills she will need to be clean and well behaved member of the family. Patience will be needed as well as an experienced dog owner. If you are interested in meeting her please contact the Facebook page! 



A charity to help rescue cruelly treated or abandoned animals; re-homing to their forever families to experience love and care.  NIC registration 106152 As we have rescued residents who have experienced past trauma, we ask that you please contact us via PM or phone to book an appointment to view animals available for adoption.  Here at the BARN, the animals come first. We have adopted dogs who live with us, in special cases; they cannot be re-homed. This is their furever home.  So please let us know if you're thinking of dropping by, we look forward to your visit!


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