Some information about me!  

I am Boswell who came to the BARN unwanted by my owner. I have loads of love to give. I have a little issue with my fur, in that it only grows in the areas where white shows. I've been too the vet and its nothing serious. During this cold weather I have to wear little jumpers to help keep me warm (if anyone would like to knit me some I'll be super grateful). I am available for adoption and would love a single dog family with someone to give me love. Please contact my Rescue's facebook page, (there is a link below) if you would like to help. Big Hugs xox

Happy Tuesday everybody hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather (NOT) lol. My mum and dad have made sure that the heaters are on in the porticabin for me so that I do not feel the cold because as you may know I cannot grow fur on my darker patches so I do feel the cold more than the other residents here. So nothing really new this week other than a couple of new residents coming into the rescue. Eddie was saved from being put to sleep recently and brought to the BARN. I have told him to relax as mum and dad will make sure he gets the best home they can find so he seems more at ease now thank goodness. I want to make sure that you all are aware that with this bad weather coming in please make sure that you do not leave any of your animals outside as the cold can kill them please please please make sure they are warm and have a proper shelter from the cold. We will hopefully be getting a new building here soon which is coming from 'Almost Home Rescuer'. A lovely lady there has offered mum and dad the use of it for storing food and blankets in which is really great of her. I look forward to seeing it this week hopefully when it arrives. well that's all from Bosie's world for now will talk to you all soon, Love Boswell x

Been an exciting week at the BARN.  Mum and dad tell me that there is a new porticabin coming this week which is fantastic because it means that all the food and blankets that them pesky mice have been eating can be stored in it. Also dad tells me that it will be used as a 'meet and greet' room for people coming to play with my doggie friends.  Still we last spoke there have been two new residents brought in,  Buddy the 7 month old jack russell and Tyson a lovely lad who has already found a new mum and dad.  They're so lucky coming in here to the BARN because mum and dad and all their helpers do their best to get fantastic new homes for all of us residents. X


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