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Up date regarding Sky, you will remember she came to the BARN and it was soon discovered she had serious problems with her hip. A visit to vets4pets in Newtownards soon discovered she had a serious hip condition. We immediately commenced treatment which consisted of injections into the area affected combined with some serious love care and attention which luckily for the BARN came along in the form of her foster mom and dad. They took her home and from there she has received all the love and  tenderness she quite rightly deserved. Sky is by no means out of the woods yet but her treatment is continuing and we feel that she is getting better and has settled in very nicely with her mom and dad. We wish to thank everyone who donated to her care through pay pal or our donation button on the Facebook page, there is still time to help Sky with her treatment as it will be ongoing for some time and will include physiotherapy in due course. Please use the donate button and follow the links.

Recently the team visited a construction firm in Ballymena with the intention of viewing sectional buildings which can be used for our rescue in all areas needed. We have decided to purchase several of the purpose made constructions which will be placed in the cattery to house new born kittens that have been abandoned if their mum has been injured also we will have one or (if funds allow) two to house the cats that arrive at the BARN for re homing which will ensure adequate warmth etc depending on the climate at the time. We are looking forward to commencing this project as soon as funding allows. As always you can donate towards this venture by clicking on our Facebook page and follow the donate link or donations can be made directly to our pay pal account. We will keep you up to date on this venture as it progresses.

We brought a new little guy to the BARN this week who was due to be PTS. after getting to know him we decided to call him Eddie as we feel this suits him perfectly. Sandra traveled to Newry to meet up with him and convey him back to the BARN where he has settled in nicely after a quick unscheduled visit to vets4pets in Newtownards - thanks to Claire for fitting him in at short notice.  Eddie will be attending V4P's this week coming for neutering and further check ups but he appears well and fit so we hope he will be available for adoption very soon.

Progress to the BARN rebuild will be progressed this week. At this time we are still waiting for quotes from builders to enable us to make moves in the right directions and we are confident things once in place will move quickly.

We are so lucky this week we received a call from Karen from 'Almost Home' rescue who very kindly offered us the use of a 32x12ft porticabin. Now this couldn't have come at a better time as we have been trying to organise a store room for our blankets food etc which at this time of year the mice/rats are having a field day with . So once we have arranged transport for the cabin we will have a lovely safe warm place for the food to stay. We have also decided to use it as a meet and greet room for potential adopters from the rescue. Thank you so much Karen.

2 Sep 2018 - We are excited here at the BARN. At long last our new Kennel Complex is imminent and we are expecting the work to commence within the next week or so. Our lovely Charlie is on standby to come in with the wrecking ball to start demolishing the old BARN complex so that the new one can be built on the footprint. The BARN will remain in our hearts as the building that gave us the incentive to name the rescue as such but we will keep the name and move on to exciting new things. In other news the influx of new dogs and cats/kittens since we last wrote on the page has not slowed down whatsoever. We have successfully rehomed 12 dogs in the past 4 weeks most of them coming from the pound in Monaghan where their time was up and were due to be PTS. They were all lovely little boys and girls and went to smashing homes. That's all fort now as it's feeding time so back to the kitchen for me.


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